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The Orphan Well Adoption Agency (OWAA) is dedicated to finding caretakers for orphan oil and gas wells in Alberta. The OWAA is also exploring new methods of remediation; of reading, assessing, and understanding the health of sites contaminated by the oil and gas industry. Orphan Well Adoption Agency has a temporary office at Latitude 53 in Edmonton until Jan 26, 2019. Members of the public art invited to meet with an OWAA representative every Saturday 12 - 5 pm and apply to adopt a well. If approved, caretakers receive a certificate of adoption with an actual orphan well location in Alberta. They will also receive a postcard of an orphan well and have the option to receive correspondence from their well. Below you will find orphan well portraits, letters to caretakers (from orphan wells), and images of the OWAA office and exhibition at TRUCK Contemporary Art in Calgary (2017). Visit: www.orphanwelladoptionagency.com for more information.

Orphan Well Portraits (Photographs and Drawings)
2017-ongoing, archival inkjet prints, 63.5 x 43.18 cm
2017-ongoing, ink on paper, 22.86 x 30.48 cm

Letters to Caretakers, 2017-ongoing