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Dowsing for Remediation with Alana Bartol
by Valérie Frappier in the latest issue of C Magazine Issue 152 Extraction, Autumn 2022.

Art Forums Artist Talk
Emily Carr University, Nov 9th, 2022, 4 pm PST on Zoom
Meeting ID: 661 7700 2556
Passcode: 399367

How to Dowse (or a primer on asking better questions)
by Alana Bartol for Blackflash Expanded’s ‘How to Guide’ Series
Read it here

What's Held
Kiona Callihoo Ligtvoet, Alana Bartol, Bruno Canadien, Sarah Fuller, Laura Grier, Amy Malbeuf, Mia Rushton + Eric Moschopedis in collaboration with Bryce Krynski, Jewel Shaw, Robin Smith Peck
Curated by Kiona Callihoo Ligtvoet & Robin Lynch
Art Gallery of Grand Prairie AFA Traveling Exhibition, 2022-2024

One-minute trailer, Alana Bartol and Bryce Krynski, all roses sleep (inviolate light), 2022, 4K ultraviolet olfactory video, 14:10.