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all roses sleep (inviolate light)
with Bryce Krynski
Curated by Lindsey Sharman
Art Gallery of Alberta
June 18 - October 2, 2022

Forgetting Fields
Alana Bartol with Bryce Krynski
August 5 - September 11, 2022

Frame & Frequency VIII
Adán De La Garza, Alana Bartol, Alex Culshaw, Alexander Isaenko, Benson A’kuyie, Carlos Vázquez, Clem Routledge, Dina Kelberman, Eri Kassnel, Guido Devadder, Jacob Raeder, Johannes DeYoung, Masha Vlasova, Nate Dorr, Nelson Fernandes, Niya B & Bunny Cadag, Sebastian Mary Tay, Wheeler Winston Dixon
VisArts Centre, Rockville, MD
June 3 - Aug 7, 2022

Creative Conjuring, Ritual, and Place: Amanda Amour-Lynx’s Skite’kmujuawti in Conversation with the Works of James Gardner, Alana Bartol, and Jamie Ross by Chris Gismondi in the latest issue of Esse Magazine No 105 Nouveau nouvel âge / New New Age, May 2022.

Remediation Room
Artists: Christina Battle, Tamara Lee-Anne Cardinal, Mia + Eric, Rita McKeough, and Nurgül Rodriguez
Curated by: Alana Bartol

One-minute trailer, Alana Bartol and Bryce Krynski, all roses sleep (inviolate light), 2022, 4K ultraviolet olfactory video, 14:10.