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A series of works with Amanda White as the Deep Earth Treatment Centre (DETC) exploring relationships between humans and soil through projects, interactions, and interventions.

Life in the Soil was a series of talks, workshops, and performances developed in collaboration with Amanda White as The Deep Earth Treatment Centre (DETC) and Dr. Jennifer Willet presented by INCUBATOR Lab at the School of Creative Arts, University of Windsor (2017). Life in the Soil was a 3-day event led by artists, activists, farmers, and scholars invested in the scientific, indigenous, embodied and practical knowledge about the vital nature of soils. Photos: Sixu (Shallen) Chen

Soil microbe drawings, 2015, ink and watercolour on paper, images 1-10 Alana Bartol, 11-17 Amanda White

More about DETC:
View PDF: “Notes from the Deep Earth Treatment Centre" Chapter for edited volume: Naturally Post-Natural: Jennifer Willet, ed. by Ted Heibert. Noxious Sector Press, 2018.