Essential Oils for Alberta > Photographs

archival inkjet prints, 55.88 x 81.28 cm, ed 1/3

A project developed for Open AiR, a twelve-week residency with The City of Calgary's Public Art program exploring connections to health, natural resources, and place through enfleurage. Enfleurage is a process that uses animal fat or vegetable oils to extract fragrances or essential oils from botanical materials. Botanical and other materials were collected or foraged in the neighbourhoods of Hillhurst, Sunnyside, and Downtown West within Mohkínstsis/Calgary. Some materials and plants were donated by community members. A series of public walks and workshops were developed in collaboration with herbalist and botanist Latifa Pelletier-Ahmed of Edible and Medicinal Plants of Calgary and Aromatherapist Deanna Russell. Process images can be viewed in the Walks and Workshops gallery.