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Seeds for Grassy Mountain
Seeds for Grassy Mountain

A collaboration with Latifa Pelletier-Ahmed, 2020-ongoing.

Participatory artwork, 400+ wild-collected seed packets with seeds from plants that grow or have historically grown on Grassy Mountain. Seed packet designs: Coal Plant, Canary Awaiting Resuscitation, and Crowsnest River Watershed.

Seeds of Grassy Mountain is a companion piece to Plants of Grassy Mountain. In the exhibition, Processes of Remediation: art, relationships, nature, the seed packets are displayed in a re-purposed core storage box obtained from the Greenhill Mine Complex. The box is labeled "GM" for Grassy Mountain. Visitors are invited to take a packet and plant the seeds as a way to connect with Grassy Mountain. Learn more about Seeds of Grassy Mountain here.

Seeds include: silky and silvery lupine, rocky mountain fescue, tufted hairgrass, fireweed, yarrow, paintbrush, fringed sage, prairie rose, and more.