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Forms of Awareness: Ghillie Suit
1 min preview

Full video: 3 min 9 sec
Artist/Director/Performer: Alana Bartol
Videographer: Bree Arbor

In Forms of Awareness: Ghillie Suit, military camouflage is re-positioned in the open air of suburban neighbourhoods. Appearing in parks, backyards, trails, naturalized areas, and spaces slated for suburban development, Ghillie attempts to blend in but often fails. In Scottish Gaelic, the term Ghillie was often used to describe a servant or lad. Often assumed to be male, Ghillie recalls many human/plant hybrid creatures and monsters such as swamp thing or nature spirits that can be found across cultures including Scottish Ghillie Dhu, a wild nature spirit that protects forests. While Ghillie inspires a range of reactions including fear, laughter and bewilderment, she often remains unseen.