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reading wild lands, preview (6 min 52 sec)
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full video: 22 min 32 sec

Since 2017, Orphan Well Adoption Agency (OWAA), a fictional non-profit organization created by artist Alana Bartol, has explored dowsing as a technology for remediation. Custom-fabricated pendulums have been created by the OWAA to conduct site readings. This video presents readings at two contaminated sites in Calgary, Alberta: Inglewood Wildlands and Refinery Park. Both former oil refineries, these parks are under ongoing remediation.

Director, Concept, Dowser: Alana Bartol
Camera: Noel Bégin, Bryce Krynski
Sound: Noel Bégin
Contributing Soundtrack Composer: Magnus Tiesenhausen
Editor: Alana Bartol
Sound Mixing and Editing: Alana Bartol, Noel Bégin
Stock media provided by Giuseppe Mangione/ Pond5
Production Assistant: Ashley Bedet
Please contact hello@alanabartol.com for video link.
Thank you to Canada Council for the Arts for a grant in support of this work.