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Toil and Trouble

Toil and Trouble, 2024, FHD, 10:14
Director/Camera/Editing: Alana Bartol
Drawings on water-soluble paper by Alana Bartol

Sound Credits:
“Backgrounds - Coal Mine Drag Line Inside Mine With Coal Car” Stock media by Soundideas1/Pond5
“Canary, Constant, Chirping, Singing, Tweeting, Fast Clicking Chitters” Stock media by ProSoundEffects/Pond5
“Deep Low Freq Drone” Stock media by Cryptowista/Pond5
“Gloomy Underwater Atmosphere” Stock media by soundpros/Pond5
“Ghostly Drone Rumble And Haunted Presence” Stock media by TsunamiSoundscape/Pond5
“Magic Potion, Witch Cauldron, Bubbling” Stock media by GfxSoundsStudios/Pond5
“Natural Wind” Stock Media by Tosca66 / Pond5
“Sci Fi, Space Ship - Cargo Bay Ambience: Low Slow Throbbing Rumble” Stock media by DanielSound/Pond5
“Sea Underwater Sound Loop” Stock media by FxProSound/Pond5
"Soft Wind" Stock media by florianreichelt/FreeSound, licensed under CC0 1.0
“Spooky Wind Tone, Eerie Hollow Moaning, Howling, Light Rumbly Gusts” Stock media by ProSoundEffects/Pond5
“Sub Explosion 5” Stock media by MellauSFX/Pond5
“Wind Light” Stock media by steter/Pond5
“Wind whistle” Stock media by Felix Blume/FreeSound, licensed under CC0 1.0