• if the river ran upwards

    if the river ran upwards

    My work will be included in if the river ran upward a group exhibition curated by Jacqueline Bell at Walter Phillips Gallery that aims to reflect artists' engagements with regions across the Americas which have been sites of industrial or extractive processes. This work is part of In Blood and Bone, a series of site responsive works employing dowsing to expand upon and bring awareness to processes of soil contamination remediation in the oil and gas industry.

    Opening reception: June 15th 6-9pm
    June 16 - August 26, 2018
    Walter Phillips Gallery
    Banff Centre
    107 Tunnel Mountain Dr Banff, AB
    (403) 762-6281

    Learn more at:

  • Eastern Edge Summer Residency and HOLD FAST FESTIVAL

    Eastern Edge Summer Residency and HOLD FAST FESTIVAL

    I have been selected to participate in the HOLD FAST festival and summer residency presented by Eastern Edge Gallery in St. John's, NL. Throughout July I will be developing work that will be presented at the HOLD FAST Festival: Aug 8-12, 2018. During the residency, I will be visiting the Mine Branch Core Storage Libraries in St. John’s, Springdale, and Pasadena, NL conducting drill cutting and core sample readings using various dowsing methods.

    Learn more about Eastern Edge Gallery and the HOLD FAST Festival here:

  • Canadian Armed Forces Residency 2019

    I am one of six artists selected to participate in the Canadian Artists Armed Forces program in 2019. Check back for updates on where I will be deployed:

  • Berlin Feminist Film Week

    Berlin Feminist Film Week

    My film TOTAL FIELD will be presented at Berlin Feminist Film Week March 8-14, 2018. To see a preview, click here. For more information, visit Vtape's website: http://www.vtape.org.

    More on Berlin Feminist Film Week here: http://berlinfeministfilmweek.com/

  • Running with Concepts: The Empathy Edition

    Running with Concepts: The Empathy Edition

    Very honoured to present my work at Running with Concepts: The Empathic Edition Sat. March 10th at Blackwood Gallery in Toronto.

    This 3-day hybrid event brings together artists, researchers, activists, and care professionals to discuss the ethics of empathy. The event aims to challenge dominant assumptions about institutional forms of collective welfare. I will be speaking about Orphan Well Adoption Agency and concepts of care-taking in the oil and gas industry

    More here: http://blackwoodgallery.ca/events/2018/RWCEmpathicEdition.html

  • Interview with Shannon Bingeman

    Interview with Shannon Bingeman

    My interview with curator Shannon Bingeman is available online (pages 9-16): http://albertasocietyofartists.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/FINAL-Broadstrokes-2017-Fall-web.pdf

  • Canadian Art Interview

    Canadian Art Interview

    I spoke with Leah Sandals at Canadian Art about the Orphan Well Adoption Agency: http://canadianart.ca/features/alana-bartol-orphan-well-adoption-agency/

  • In Blood and Bone: an aware form of care

    In Blood and Bone: an aware form of care

    Read the exhibition essay for In Blood and Bone by Ashley Bedet on TRUCK Contemporary Art's blog: http://truckcontemporaryart.blogspot.ca/2017/09/essay-in-blood-and-bone.html

  • Exhibition Opening at TRUCK Contemporary Art

    Exhibition Opening at TRUCK Contemporary Art

    In Blood and Bone runs September 8 - October 14 / 2017 in the TRUCK Contemporary Art Main Space & Parkade. Opening Reception September 8 @ 7PM.

    September 8, 2017 to October 14, 2017
    Opening reception Friday September 8, at 7:00 PM

    TRUCK Contemporary Art
    2009 10 Ave SW Calgary, AB
    More at:

    Hours: Tues- Fri 11am - 5pm and Sat noon - 5pm
    Closed Sunday and Monday
    Orphan well adoption interviews will be conducted every Saturday from 1 -3pm

    In Blood and Bone asks how dowsing might shift our relationships to natural resources, technology, and place, while examining remediation, care, and the reliability of information. Dowsing or ‘water-witching’ is a form of divination used to locate ground water, oil, sites, and information. Last year, the Orphan Well Adoption Agency (OWAA) began investigating new methods of remediation through the practice of dowsing at abandoned oil well sites in Alberta. From September 8 - October 14, 2017 the OWAA will have an off-site office at TRUCK Contemporary Art. Oil well adoptions will be facilitated throughout the exhibition. Learn more at: http://www.orphanwelladoptionagency.com

    In Blood and Bone is supported by funding from the Canada Council for the Arts.

  • HOT OIL M:ST Summer Fundraiser

    HOT OIL M:ST Summer Fundraiser

    This July, artist Maggie Flynn and I are participating in M:ST Performative Art Festival's 3rd annual fundraiser HOT OIL: http://mstfestival.org/hotoil

    If you are able to donate, you not only supporting upcoming programming for Mountain Standard Time Performative Art Festival Society, but 50% of the proceeds will help support the artist of your choice. Donations will support my current project: The Orphan Well Adoption Agency, which will launch at TRUCK Contemporary Art in Calgary this fall as part of a solo exhibition.

    On Thursday July 27th, 7:00 – 10:00 pm I will be performing Ask Your Best, a performance inviting the public to join me for a one-on-one divining sessions at Stride Gallery. For your donation, you will not only receive documentation of the performance but even more gifts (see below).

    This July, donate to the Orphan Well Adoption Agency:
    -A donation of $15 or more you will receive a postcard of an orphan well that is currently in need of a caretaker.
    -A donation of $150 or more, you will receive an artist’s rendering of an orphan well.
    -A donation of $250 or more, you will receive a postcard of an orphan well, an artist’s rendering of an orphan well, a personalized letter from an orphan well, and a drawing from the Inner End (Service Roads) series.

    In return, for each donation you also receive:
    – A charitable tax receipt,
    – A membership to M:ST and,
    – Exclusive documentation of the performance you supported!

    Visit: mstfestival.org/alana-bartol-hot-oilmstfestival.org/alana-bartol-hot-oil to donate

    About the Orphan Well Adoption Agency (OWAA)
    The OWAA is dedicated to finding “forever homes” for abandoned oil wells through symbolic adoptions. In an effort towards remediation and healing, the OWAA is in pursuit of facilitating relationships of divestment. As the oil and gas industry enters rocky times, the orphanage is growing. With over 80,000 inactive oil wells across the province of Alberta, there are 1,400 orphan wells up for adoption this year.

    Learn more at: http://orphanwelladoptionagency.com

  • Culvert Views up at Santa Fe Art Institute

    Culvert Views up at Santa Fe Art Institute

    A selection of photographs and works in progress are up this week in the lobby of the Santa Fe Art Institute June 13-18, 2017.

    Thank you to ACAD's Professional Affairs Funding and the Santa Fe Art Institute Financial Aid Award. Without their support my participation in this residency would not have been possible.

  • Publication Launch in Quarry Park Calgary Saturday, June 24

    Publication Launch in Quarry Park Calgary Saturday, June 24

    Water-Witching for Wanderers (and Wonderers) publication launch next week!
    Saturday, June 24th 2 - 4 pm
    Quarry Park Library
    108 Quarry Park Rd, Calgary, AB T2C 3E7

    Works by: Ashley Bedet, Elisa Fernandez-Leon, Terrance Houle, Pamela Krowicki, Bryce Krynski (BLK), Jenne Newman,  Ruby Planidin, Nikki Reimer, Patty Amestica, and Sean Taal

    Water-witching for Wanderers (and Wonderers) is a public art project in the community of Quarry Park in Calgary, Alberta, developed and curated by Calgary-based artists Alana Bartol and Sarah Nordean.

    The project began with an artist-led workshop and walk that invited the public to explore the community Quarry Park through dowsing. Following the walk, five Calgary-based artists and the workshop participants were invited to create small artworks to be hidden in Quarry Park in June 2017. 

    Dowsing or water-witching asks the land to speak, to disclose its information: a form of divination used to locate ground water, mineral deposits, lost objects, and other resources such as oil. Dowsing, in this project, is a metaphor for creative work, for navigating not only the land, but the contours of complex, sometimes just as opaque bureaucratic systems and processes, institutions and publics.

    Water-witching for Wanderers (and Wonderers) was commissioned by The City of Calgary Public Art Program.

    Learn more on the project website and plan your visit to Quarry Park to find the artworks: http://waterwitching.wordpress.com/

  • Water Rights Residency

    Water Rights Residency

    This May and June (2017) I am one of 10 artists-in-residence for the Water Rights residency at the Santa Fe Art Institute (SFAI) until late June 2017 researching the acequias - communal irrigation canals - in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Over the course of the residency I will explore how acequia systems create vital relationships between humans and natural worlds.

    Follow me on Instagram to see how my research develops.

  • TREX 2-year Touring Exhibition

    TREX 2-year Touring Exhibition

    A Woman Walking (the City limits) will be presented in a solo exhibition touring various venues through the Alberta Foundation for the Arts |http://www.affta.ab.ca/TREX|TREX|SW program 2017-2019. The exhibition has been curated by Shannon Bingeman and a catalogue is forthcoming.

    The exhibition includes 14 photographs, a risograph print and video. To see the work, please visit: http://alanabartol.com/section/437077-A-Woman-Walking-the-City-Limits.html

    Please email me at hello@alanabartol.com if you are interested in purchasing any of the works in this series.

  • Queer Landscapes

    Queer Landscapes

    My 2006 performance piece "Dressage: 7437 Kisses" will be included in Queer Landscapes: Mapping Queer Space(s) of Praxis and Pedagogy, Edited by Elizabeth McNeil, James Wermers and Oakleaf Lunn (New York: Palgrave Macmillan), 2017.

    About the Book:
    Queer Landscapes seeks to further "queer" scholarship and praxis by bringing together thinkers and activists to explore how we see, write, read, experience, and teach through the fluid space of queerness. We are interested in how queer-identified and -influenced people create ideas, works, classrooms, and other spaces (e.g., digital, activist) that vivify relational and (eco)systems thinking, thus challenging accepted hierarchies, binaries, and hegemonies. Our volume will feature theorist-practitioners who have already made huge strides in helping us to open new landscapes of queer thinking and being, and we also welcome fresh new voices to a community of scholars and activists.

    My work is included in the chapter “Queering the Campus Gender Landscape through Visual Arts" by Rosemary Weatherson and Libby Blume, University of Detroit Mercy.

  • Landscape of Forgetting in Two Publications

    Landscape of Forgetting in Two Publications

    Landscape of Forgetting, a community-engaged walk developed in collaboration with artist Camille Turner (Toronto) has been written about in two publications this year: Looking beyond borderlines : North America's frontier imagination by Lee Rodney (New York; London Routledge) 2017 and the Ontario Arts Council's Framing Community A Community-Engaged Art Workbook.

    Check out the links for more information or visit Landscape of Forgetting.

  • Life in the Soil March 6-9, 2017

    Life in the Soil March 6-9, 2017

    Presented by The Deep Earth Treatment Centre (DETC) Amanda White (Toronto) and Alana Bartol (Calgary) in collaboration with Dr. Jennifer Willet (Windsor), Life in the Soil is a 3-day event featuring workshops, talks, performances, and participatory discussions led by artists, activists, farmers, and scholars who are each invested in the scientific, indigenous, embodied and practical knowledge about the vital nature of soils.

    March 7-9, 2017 at The School of Creative Arts, University of Windsor

    Learn more at: http://lifeinthesoil2017.wordpress.com

    The event aims to encourage public engagement and cross-disciplinary dialogue towards deepening our relationship with and understanding of the complexity of living soil and its importance to all life on earth. Participation is free and open to the public.

  • Article in Canadian Art

    Article in Canadian Art

    Thank you Leah Sandals for the Canadian Art online article about my recent project A Woman Walking (the City Limits) developed for MS:T 8 and presented at The New Gallery (Calgary).

    Read the article here: canadianart.ca/features/alana-bartol/canadianart.ca/features/alana-bartol

  • Equitable and Just Communities Panel

    Equitable and Just Communities Panel

    As part of the Inspiring Women Among Us Conference, I will be speaking about the role artists can play in shaping our communities on the Equitable and Just Communities Panel at University of Northern British Columbia, Prince George, BC.

    Thursday, November 17th, 5 pm - 6pm
    UNBC campus, Building 6 Room 205/211

    Speakers include Hilary Morgan, Planner, City of Prince George, Dr. Theresa Healy, School of Environmental Planning, UNBC, and Joan Chess, Program Manager, Smart Planning for Communities, Fraser Basin Council

    Organized by Mark W. Groulx, Assistant Professor, School of Environmental Planning

  • Artist-in-Residence Neighbourhood Time Exchange

    Artist-in-Residence Neighbourhood Time Exchange

    For the month of November, I will be an artist-in-residence with |http://neighbourhoodtime.exchange/|Neighbourhood Time Exchange|Downtown Prince George|. Curated by Justin Langlois, Assistant Professor of Social Practice in the Faculty of Culture + Community at Emily Carr University of Art and Design, the program runs from September 2016 and April 2017, inviting a different artist each month to live in Prince George, BC and develop projects in and with the community.

    Based on the concept of a time-exchange, for every hour an artist spends in the downtown studio, they contribute an hour of volunteer time working with a Community Partner. My Community Partner will be Downtown Prince George. Check back to learn about the work I develop.

    Learn more:

  • Exhibition of A Woman Walking for M:ST 8 at The New Gallery

    Exhibition of A Woman Walking for M:ST 8 at The New Gallery

    Works from my performance piece A Woman Walking (the City limits) created for M:ST 8 will be presented in a solo exhibition at The New Gallery
    Sunday, October 23 – Tuesday, October 25, 2016
    12 - 6pm daily

    Join me for a reception and discussion with sophia bartholomew at 7:00 PM Monday, October 24, 2016


  • Artist-in-Residence for Calgary's Open AiR Public Art Program!

    Artist-in-Residence for Calgary's Open AiR Public Art Program!

    Excited to announce that I was one of three artists selected for The City of Calgary's Open AiR artist residency pilot program.

    Fire Hall #6 in the Hillhurst Sunnyside community will be my studio for the next 3 months (August-Sept, 2016). Stay tuned for more information on events and ways to participate in my enfluerage project exploring connections between memory, place, and smell:


  • Interview with Eric & Mia!

    It is a pleasure to be interviewing Eric & Mia for their upcoming Skateparks project publication! The artists created three projects to coincide with the opening of several new skateparks in Calgary through The City of Calgary's Public Art program: "Skaters from around here and elsewhere" newspaper, Skate School for Women and Skate School for Police.

    Eric Moschopedis and Mia Rushton (Calgary) are award winning interdisciplinary visual artists, facilitators, and community organizers. Working collaboratively since the mid-2000s they bring together elements of craft, performance, printmaking, and cultural geography, to create playful, but highly critical projects. They have presented projects, workshops and lectures in Canada, the United States and Europe. In 2016. they were longlisted for the Sobey Art Award.

    Check out their work at: www.ericandmia.ca
    Watch the video above to get a sneak peek of the Skate School for Women.

  • Canada Council for the Arts Project Grant Recipient

    Canada Council for the Arts Project Grant Recipient

    Thank you to the Canada Council for the Arts for a project grant to develop a series of performance-based works in response to abandoned oil well sites in Alberta. In Blood and Bone is an ongoing series of works considering alternative ways of knowing, while exploring connections between the health of our bodies and the health of the environment.

    Image: Karin McGinn
    Video shoot in Three Hills, Alberta

  • Woman Walking underway for M:ST 8

    Woman Walking underway for M:ST 8

    This October, Woman Walking will be presented at The Mountain Standard Time Performative Art Festival (M:ST) in Calgary.

    My work often sees me exploring liminal spaces in urban environments, where urban space meets suburban sprawl. Without sanctioned pathways or access points, we often experience these spaces from a vehicle or public transportation. For this work, I will walk over 174km (108 miles), attempting to walk along the city limits of Calgary.

    Where do citizens walk and what parts of the city do they experience on foot? Who is free to move alongside, within, and outside of designated pathways? Who inhabits the space along the city limits? How are the borders inscribed on the land and felt in space?

    Works from this series will be presented at The New Gallery in October 2016. Follow my excursions on Instagram and check back for more details soon.

  • SSHRC Grant Awarded

    SSHRC Grant Awarded

    Happy to announce I am a collaborator on a SSHRC Grant. Over the next 5 years, I will be collaborating with Principal Researcher Dr. Jennifer Willet (Associate Professor, University of Windsor) and my collaborator Amanda White (artist and PhD candidate, Queens University), on Bioart: Collaborating with Life, a research/creation project investigating complex collaborations between human artists and other life forms.

    Through this grant, Amanda and I will continue our research on the relationships between human bodies and soil. We hope to provide a context for intersection between various artists, scientists, students, community members, and non-human species to share in communication, collaboration, and creative participation in re-imagining our shared future.

  • Panel on Public Art in Calgary

    Panel on Public Art in Calgary

    I will be speaking on a City of Calgary panel investigating the role of the public in public art on March 4th at the Nickle Gallery in Calgary.

    Councillor Gian-Carlo Carra
    Poet Laureate derek beaulieu
    Alberta College of Art + Design (ACAD) Instructor, Alana Bartol
    Independent arts administrator Ciara McKeown

    Join us if you can!

  • Featured in CLOT Magazine

    Featured in CLOT Magazine

    Thank you to CLOT Magazine for the interview and write-up about my work. CLOT Magazine is an online publishing platform that aims to collect, display, broadcast and promote the crossover of Art and Science.

    Find me in the Scouting section, which features emerging artists:

  • Featured Artist in ROOM Magazine

    Featured Artist in ROOM Magazine

    Excited to announce that my series Inner End will be featured in the December issue of ROOM Magazine.

    ROOM Magazine is Canada’s oldest literary journal by and about women. Published quarterly by the West Coast Feminist Literary Magazine Society, also known as the Growing Room Collective, Room showcases fiction, poetry, reviews, art work, interviews and profiles about the female experience.

    Visit their website to see where you can pick up a copy near you:

  • Water-Witching Workshop Review

    Water-Witching Workshop Review

    Thank you to Keagan Perlette of SAD Mag for this wonderful review of my water dowsing workshop in Vancouver at Access Gallery.

    Click here to read the review:

  • Radio Interview on Citr

    Radio Interview on Citr

    Thank you to Claire Bailey and Dhrubaa Alamgir for attending my water-witching workshop at Access Gallery last week.

    Tune into Lady Radio Friday, Nov 6th at 6pm PST on UBC's Citr to hear them talk about their experience!

  • Water-Witching Workshop at Access Gallery (Vancouver)

    Water-Witching Workshop at Access Gallery (Vancouver)

    Join me on Saturday, Oct 31 from 2-4pm to try your hand at water dowsing (aka water-witching). We will be working with custom-made pendulums, and a variety of dowsing rods.

    Space is limited and registration is filling up fast! If you are interested, please contact Access Gallery:

  • Stories of the City

    Stories of the City

    Images and text from my ongoing collaborative work with urban curator Shauna Janssen (Montreal) entitled 'Beyond the Bridge': Postindustrial Border Culture, Communities of Care, and Cats in Sandwich Town is on view from Nov 6 - 21, 2015 at SB Contemporary as part of the exhibition "Stories of the City" organized by INTERMINUS.

    INTERMINUS brings together researchers and artists committed to exploring the boundaries between media, arts, science, technologies and the built environment.

    Learn more about the exhibition at:

    More about our project at:

  • Far Away So Close Publication Launch!

    Far Away So Close Publication Launch!

    Excited to announce that the publication for Far Away So Close launches this month! Thank you to Kimberly Phillips and everyone at Access Gallery for making this possible:
    Access Gallery - Far Away So Close

  • ACAD Faculty Research Soirée

    ACAD Faculty Research Soirée

    Join me and my ACAD colleagues on Thursday, October 22, 2015 at 6pm to hear learn more about what we do in addition to teaching!

    I will be speaking about my current research with artist Amanda White (Toronto), current PhD candidate at Queens University in Cultural Studies. The Deep Earth Treatment Centre (DETC) is a collaborative project that explores the relationships between soil and health, bodies and soil habitats, place and identity.

    The work for this series is realized under the guise of a ‘treatment centre’ wherein we embark on physical explorations of various soil types. As the DETC, our aim is to produce moments in which participants encounter and engage with soil physically, emotionally, and mentally, expanding notions of life underground, imagining new relationships to, with and within soil habitats.

  • Abstract Ecologies

    Abstract Ecologies

    Read an interview with "There Should Be Gardens" curator Amber Christensen. InterAccess’s Emerging Artists Exhibition featuring my work!


  • Calgary, Toronto and Vancouver Exhibitions!

    Calgary, Toronto and Vancouver Exhibitions!

    There Should Be Gardens at InterAccess (Toronto)
    Sept 2 - 26, 2015
    Opening reception: Wed. Sept. 2, 7-9pm
    Alana Bartol
    Adrienne Crossman
    Anna Eyler
    Kara Stone
    Alize Zorlutuna
    Curated by Amber Christensen

    Far Away So Close: Part III Access Gallery (Vancouver)
    Sept. 12 – Oct. 31, 2015
    Opening reception: Fri, Sept. 11, 7pm
    Alana Bartol
    Mike Bourscheid
    David Semeniuk
    Curated by Kimberley Phillips
    Please join me at Access Gallery in Vancouver for In Conversation: Alana Bartol & David Semeniuk with Kimberly Phillips on Saturday, Sept 12th at 2pm.

    Faculty Exhibition 2015, Illingworth Kerr Gallery (Calgary)
    Alberta College of Art + Design
    Sept. 10 - Oct. 3, 2015
    Opening reception: Thurs. Sept. 17, 5-7pm

  • There Should Be Gardens

    There Should Be Gardens

    Image: Anna Eyler, Fugue in Three Steps (2015)

    Happy to announce that my work will be included in the 14th Annual Emerging Artists Exhibition InterAccess There Should Be Gardens, at Inter/Access Gallery in Toronto. Curated by Amber Christensen, the exhibition runs from September 2nd to September 26th, 2015 and features work by:
    Alana Bartol
    Adrienne Crossman
    Anna Eyler
    Kara Stone
    Alize Zorlutuna

    Read an interview with the curator here.

    Opening reception: Wednesday, September 2, 2015, 7-9pm at InterAccess.

    There Should Be Gardens
    curated by Amber Christensen
    September 2-26, 2015

    Opening reception: Wednesday, September 2, 2015, 7-9pm at InterAccess.

    In its 14th year, the InterAccess Emerging Artists Exhibition features new media work from local and national early career artists, artists transitioning to new media/technology practices and upper year post-secondary and graduate students. InterAccess is a leading voice on the international new media arts stage and this exhibition offers artists a platform for early professional development. Former participating artists and curators have gone on to work and exhibit at such institutions as the Doris McCarthy Gallery, The Walter Phillips Gallery, Western Front, Trinity Square Video, Plug In Institute for Contemporary Art, Space Media Arts in London UK, FACT, Liverpool, and Transmediale in Berlin.

    The 2015 selected curator is Amber Christensen, a researcher and curator who studies feminist/queer curatorial and media arts practices. She has recently curated film/video for Vtape and Neutral Ground and is a member of the Pleasure Dome Film and Video Curatorial Collective, and an organizer with the Feminist Art Conference. This exhibition was curated based on over 90 submissions received through an open call for submissions.

    There Should Be Gardens brings together five Canadian emerging and early career new media artists whose work addresses the interconnectedness of technologies, ecologies, botanies, gender and the cosmos. The exhibition explores the materiality and affectivity of matter, blurring the focus of feminism and queer feminism between the human and non-human. Featuring Alana Bartol (Calgary), Adrienne Crossman (Toronto), Anna Eyler (Ottawa/Montreal), Kara Stone (Montreal), and Alize Zorlutuna (Toronto).

  • Beyond Borders...The Landscape of Forgetting

    Beyond Borders...The Landscape of Forgetting

    My collaborative project Landscape of Forgetting, with Camille Turner will be featured in the forthcoming publication Looking Beyond Borderlines: North America’s Frontier Imagination (Routledge, 2015) by Lee Rodney. The project will also be included in the Ontario Arts Council's online publication on Community Arts practice.

  • Discussions on New Media Plant Art

    Discussions on New Media Plant Art

    This June I will be a featured discussant on new media plant art on the online platform empyre. The discussion will be moderated by Natasha Myers (York), Selmin Kara (OCAD) and Patrick Kielty (UofT).

    empyre facilitates online discussion encouraging critical perspectives on contemporary cross-disciplinary issues, practices and events in networked media. With over 1,800 members, the list is currently co-managed by Renate Ferro (Cornell) and Tim Murray (Cornell), with the moderating team of Selmin Kara (OCAD) and Patrick Kielty (UofT).

    More information can be found here: http://empyre.library.cornell.edu.

  • Bioart in the Press!

    Bioart in the Press!

    Image: CBC News, artist Robert Hengeveld discussing his work in the Bioart exhibition

    Bioart: Collaborating with Life is generating a lot of interest in Ottawa and beyond. Check out the press below:

    Abna, Sandra. “Living Art in Ottawa: Bio art on display at Karsh-Masson Gallery at City Hall is made with living things”, CBC News, Television. 27 Apr 2015.

    Calcagno, Leonardo. "BioART: Collaborating with Life" Baron Mag, 3 May 2015. Web.

    Miller, Jacquie. "Ontario Scene: Five cool things to see on the Art Gallery crawl" Ottawa Citizen, 27 Apr 2015. Web.

    Simpson, Peter. “Big Beat: Ontario Scene gallery crawl is packed with art.” Ottawa Citizen, 1 May 2015. Web.

  • Bioart: Collaborating with Life

    Bioart: Collaborating with Life

    Image: Alana Bartol, Un-camouflaging #7, (2012-ongoing) Performance, Windsor, ON Photo: Arturo Herrera

    Works from the Forms of Awareness series are included in BioART: Collaborating with Life at the Karsh Masson Gallery in Ottawa. On May 3rd I will be performing Forms of Awareness: Ghillie Suit as part of the Gallery Crawl.

    Curated by Jennifer Willet, the exhibition is part of the Ontario Scene and presented by Artengine, the City of Ottawa and the National Arts Centre. Supported by the Ontario Arts Council.

    April 28-May 31, 2015

    Karen Miranda Abel
    Alana Bartol
    Philip Beesley
    Robert Hengeveld
    Andrew Pelling
    Johl Ringuette
    Jennifer Willet

  • Grant Awarded by the City of Windsor

    Grant Awarded by the City of Windsor

    A big thank you to The City of Windsor for awarding an Arts, Culture and Heritage grant to my collaborative project with Shauna Janssen (Montreal) exploring the histories, sites and stories of the Sandwich Town community in Windsor, Ontario.

    Learn more about our project at:


  • Artist Talk at the Canada Council for the Arts

    Artist Talk at the Canada Council for the Arts

    On Friday, May 1st from 1:30-3:30pm I will be speaking about my work at the Canada Council for the Arts in Ottawa as part of the Inter-Arts Ontario Forum.

    Honoured to be included on this panel of incredible artists:
    Dwayne Dixon and Judi Lopez of Manifesto
    Penny Couchie of Aanmitaagzi
    Robert Hengeveld

    Learn more about the panel on the Canada Council for the Arts website.

  • Far Away So Close

    Far Away So Close

    Image: Mike Bourscheid, Dominique Baum's Journey (2012)

    This fall, my work will be included in Far Away So Close: Part III, a 3 person exhibition curated by Kimberly Phillips at Access Gallery (Vancouver).

    Learn more about the exhibition series and publication set:


  • Notes from the Deep Earth Treatment Centre @ ASLE (Moscow, ID)

    Notes from the Deep Earth Treatment Centre @ ASLE (Moscow, ID)

    At this year's Association for Literature and the Environment Conference, I will be speaking about my collaborative project with artist Amanda White (Toronto) exploring relationships between human bodies and soil at the 2015 Association for Literature and the Environment Conference, Notes from Underground: The Depths of Environmental Arts, Culture and Justice at the University of Idaho.

    Works from the series can be viewed here.

  • Bioart Residency

    Bioart Residency

    This summer I will return to Boston, MA to continue my self-directed bioart residency made possible with support from the Ontario Arts Council.

    My residency began last summer when I learned various scientific techniques and methods in the George Church Lab at Harvard with mentor Joe Davis, artist and researcher at the George Church Lab at Harvard and Department of Biology at MIT. Davis was developing “Malus ecclesia”, a genetic art project that will place 50,000 of the most popular Wikipedia pages into the DNA of a strain of ancient apple tress, creating a genetically modified "Tree of Knowledge".

    Learn more about his project here.

    As I continue to develop several projects exploring connections to human health and the environment, I will be conducting research at the The Vail Collection which contains important works on animal magnetism and mesmerism, including William Davey’s The Illustrated Practical Mesmerist.

  • Interview on CJSW - March 5, 2015

    Interview on CJSW - March 5, 2015

    Tune in to Calgary's CJSW Radio, to hear me on The Charmer's Almanac with Matt and Kate today. We will discuss dowsing and dreaming during the 6 week Food Water Life residency at The Banff Centre.

  • OPEN STUDIOS - The Banff Centre, Feb. 26, 3-6 pm

    OPEN STUDIOS - The Banff Centre, Feb. 26, 3-6 pm

    Image: Life in the Soil, 2015, Video Still from 5 min animation
    The Deep Earth Treatment Centre

    Come and see what the Food Water Life and Bair artists-in-residence have been up to today at The Banff Centre.

    Works from The Deep Earth Treatment Centre, a collaborative project with Amanda White (Toronto) will be on display as well as my new work on water dowsing.

  • Neighbourhood Spaces Symposium Online Publication

    Neighbourhood Spaces Symposium Online Publication

    Look for my essay on labour in community-engaged art practice in the upcoming Neighbourhood Spaces online publication.

    Neighbourhood Spaces was one of the first socially-engaged residency programs in Canada initiated by Arts Council Windsor & Region, The City of Windsor and Broken City Lab. http://acwr.net/ns.

    Check back soon!

  • Food Water Life at The Banff Centre

    Food Water Life at The Banff Centre

    Happy to announce that I will be participating in Food Water Life, the 2015 winter thematic residency with artists Lucy + Jorge Orta.

    Faculty: Lucy Orta - Lead Artist, Jorge Orta - Lead Artist
    Guests: Nigel Prince - Guest Curator, David Bickerstaff - Guest, Pohanna Feinberg - Guest

    Artist Food Water Life is a project spanning close to two decades of Lucy + Jorge Orta’s collaborative work. Drawing on these themes, the Food Water Life residency invites participants to explore concerns that define the twenty-first century - biodiversity, environmental sustainability, social economy, human rights - and through artistic practice envision a world of tomorrow.

  • Restless Precinct Exhibition

    Restless Precinct Exhibition

    Thank you to Reena Katz and Alize Zorlutuna for all of their hard work putting this amazing exhibition and performance series together. I am honoured to be participating with my collaborators from the Community Arts Guild: Tomås Cavalheiro-Chin, Dillon Cox, Karis Jones-Pard, Stephanie Kroone, and Kaitlynn Rodgers. Big thanks to my assistant facilitator Andrea Thring, as well as Sonya Rainey, Beth Helmers, and everyone else that made this project possible.

    Participating artists, collectives and partners include: Alana Bartol and the Community Arts Guild, Alize Zorlutuna, Annie Onyi-Cheung, Bonnie Devine, Brendan Fernandes, Camille Turner, Camal Pirbhai, Cheryl L’Hirondelle, Elise Rasmussen, Jamelie Hassan, KAPWA Collective, Victoria Freeman, First Story Toronto Bus Tour.

    Visit the exhibition website to learn more about the projects:

  • TOXICITY - Exhibition at Plug-In ICA Winnipeg

    TOXICITY - Exhibition at Plug-In ICA Winnipeg

    Excited to be participating in TOXICITY with an amazing line-up of artists.

    TOXICITY is a project of Video Pool Media Arts Centre in partnership with INCUBATOR: Hybrid Laboratory at the Intersection of Art, Science and Ecology Co-presented by Plug In ICA

    Opened December 6, 2013, Plug In ICA

    Trish Adams (Brisbane, Australia), Alana Bartol (Windsor), CAE (Buffalo, USA), Joe Davis (Cambridge, MA, USA), Tangny Duff (Montreal), Aganetha Dyck (Winnipeg), Ted Heibert (Seattle, USA), Natalie Jeremijenko (NY, USA), David Khang (Vancouver), Andrew E Pelling (Ottawa), Niki Sperou (Adelaide, Australia) Reva Stone (Winnipeg), Amanda White (Toronto), Elaine Whittaker (Toronto), Jennifer Willet (Windsor) with Jeanette Groenendaal and Zoot Derks (Amsterdam, Holland).

    Learn more on the exhibition website: