Portfolio > A Woman Walking (the City Limits)

What bodies move alongside, within, and outside of the designated city boundaries? How is the border of Calgary inscribed on the land and felt in space?

In the summer of 2016, I attempted to walk along the city limits of Calgary (174 km+), mapping the walk through collected objects, photographs, and video. In this work, the City of Calgary map becomes a virtual guide. While the city limit runs alongside roads and highways, it also demarcates the border along Tsuu T'ina Nation 145, dips and crosses both The Bow and Elbow rivers, runs directly along the Bearspaw Dam, moves across private property, farmlands, and sinks into ponds. The photographs were taken when an object was collected and/or the city limit was no longer accessible. This performance was developed for the M:ST 8 Festival and presented at The New Gallery in Calgary, AB. It was purchased by the Alberta Foundation for the Arts and is currently touring through the TREX SW program (2017-19), curated by Shannon Bingeman. The series includes 14 photographs, a risograph and video.