Water-Witching > Water-witching for Wanderers (and Wonderers)

A public art project (2016-17) in Quarry Park, Calgary developed in collaboration with artist Sarah Nordean. The piece began with an artist-led workshop and walk that invited the public to explore the community Quarry Park through dowsing. Following the walk, 5 Calgary-based artists and the workshop participants were invited to create small handheld artworks to be placed in weatherproof containers and hidden in Quarry Park. The artworks are discoverable through a map on the project website and in the publication. Documentation of each piece can be viewed here.

Artworks by: Ashley Bedet, Elisa Fernandez-Leon, Terrance Houle, Pamela Krowicki, BLK, Jenne Newman, Ruby Planidin, Nikki Reimer, Patty Amestica, and Sean Taal
Visit: www.waterwitching.wordpress.com to learn more. This project was commissioned by the City of Calgary Public Art Program. Photos: Bryce Krynski