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Coal Plant, Seeds for Grassy Mountain
Silky lupine, silvery lupine, and rough fescue seeds.
Crowsnest River Watershed, Seeds for Grassy Mountain
Participatory artwork, fireweed, yarrow, rocky mountain fescue, tufted hairgrass
Canary Awaiting Resuscitation, Seeds for Grassy Mountain
Participatory artwork, silky and silvery lupine
Grassy Mountain
Video Still

A collaboration with Latifa Pelletier-Ahmed, 2020-ongoing.

Participatory artwork, 400+ wild-collected seed packets with seeds from plants that grow or have historically grown on Grassy Mountain. Seed packet designs: Coal Plant, Canary Awaiting Resuscitation, and Crowsnest River Watershed. Photos: Alana Bartol and

Seeds of Grassy Mountain is a companion piece to Plants of Grassy Mountain. In the exhibition, Processes of Remediation: art, relationships, nature, the seed packets are displayed in a re-purposed core storage box obtained from the Greenhill Mine Complex. The box is labeled "GM" for Grassy Mountain. Visitors are invited to take a packet and plant the seeds as a way to connect with Grassy Mountain. Learn more about Seeds of Grassy Mountain here.

Seeds include: silky and silvery lupine, rocky mountain fescue, tufted hairgrass, fireweed, yarrow, paintbrush, fringed sage, prairie rose, and more.

Thank you to Nicole Dagenais for graphic design assistance.