Portfolio > Water-Witching Workshops

A selection of images from workshops conducted in conjunction with various residencies and exhibitions. Since 2015, I have conducted water-witching workshops with several galleries and arts organizations including: Access Gallery (Vancouver), Santa Fe Art Institute (NM, USA), City of Calgary's Public Art Program, Museum of the Flat Earth (Fogo Island), Union House Arts (Port Union, NL), and Eastern Edge Gallery (St. John's, NL).

In the workshops participants are introduced to the tools and techniques of dowsing. Found objects may be re-purposed as dowsing rods and pendulums. Workshops often take place indoors and outdoors allowing participants to test their dowsing skills. All are welcome, even the skeptics!

Read a review of the Access Gallery (Vancouver) workshop here: http://archive.sadmag.ca/news/2015/11/review-water-witching-with-alana-bartol/