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When Oil Is Our Lifeblood Areum Kim, Canadian Art, Climates Issue, fall 2018
Review - HOLD FAST Contemporary Arts Festival Eva Crocker, Canadian Art online, August 2018
Art and Industry Lindsey V. Sharman, Galleries West, July 2018
Review: Alana Bartol at TRUCK Contemporary Art Maeve Hanna, Sculpture Magazine, July/August 2018
Sprawlcast Ep 6: Beyond the Blue Ring partially recorded at the d.talks forum on public art in June, 2018
This Artist Wants You to Adopt an Oil Well. Here’s Why. Leah Sandals, Canadian Art online, October 2017
Exhibition Essay: an aware form of care Ashley Bedet, Calgary: TRUCK Contemporary Art, September 2017
Interview: A Woman Walking (the City Limits) Shannon Bingeman, TREX SW Program, 2017 pp. 9-16
What Happened When One Artist Tried to Walk Calgary’s 174-km City Limits, Leah Sandals, Canadian Art online, November 2016
Exhibition Essay for Far Away So Close: Part III, Kimberly Phillips, Vancouver: Access Gallery, Oct 2015
Review - Water Witching with Alana Bartol, Keagan Perlette, SAD Mag, Nov 4, 2015
Abstract Ecologies – A Conversation with Amber Christensen Greg J. Smith, Creative Applications Network, 22 Sept. 2015