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Restless Precinct was a site-specific, group exhibition and performance series developed by curatorial collective SUM°: Reena Katz and Alize Zorlutuna. The exhibition took place in Scarborough’s Guildwood Park through engagement with the landscape, architectural fragments and communities that populate and absent the site. Guildwood Park contains over 70 architectural fragments and edifices.

The ghillie suit is traditionally used by military snipers and hunters to camouflage the human body, allowing the wearer to blend into landscapes. In this work, the suit is re-positioned in the open air of urban and suburban space. Research revealed that the park was once the location of Bytown II, a military training base for radio operators in the Women's Royal Canadian Naval Service during World War II. This installation was a gesture towards acknowledging the invisibility of female bodies, histories, and contributions at Guildwood Park, including a site-specific work created by Ana Mendieta (location unknown). Visit Sight Unseen for more information.