Collaborative Works > Hands to the Earth: After cj fluery

A collaborative, temporary, site-responsive installation at the Campus Community Garden, University of Windsor (2012). The project was inspired by artist cj fleury, who originally created the flower mandala project in Quebec. She developed a project ‘recipe’ so that mandalas could be created in other communities.

A mandala was created using organic materials in an area of the garden that had high levels of soil contamination. Over 20 people worked for four hours, creating the mandala from natural materials such as flower petals, pinecones, rocks, egg shells, orange peels and compost materials from the garden. The mandala was left to the elements and animals.

Hands to the Earth: After cj fluery
Community-Engaged Art / Public Art / Environmental / Installation
12 ft x 12 ft
Participants work together to develop the mandala design 12 ft x 12 ft