Portfolio > Un-camouflaging

2012-2014, Windsor, ON

In Forms of Awareness, military camouflage is re-positioned in the 'open air' of suburban neighbourhoods. Ghillie appears in various green spaces such as green zones, naturalized areas, trails and spaces slated for suburban development. Though she inspires a range of reactions, she often remains unseen. The term ghillie, is the Scottish Gaelic for "servant" or a "lad". Often assumed to be male, Ghillie recalls many human/plant hybrid creatures and ‘monsters’ such as nature spirits that can be found across cultures such as the Scottish Ghillie Dhu, a wild but gentle spirit of the woods. Born in Windsor, Ghille may serve as a foreboding or protective guardian figure. She is a trickster of sorts, moving between human-made and “natural” landscapes, while questioning our perceptions of gender. These interventions into public space are documented through photography and video.