Deep Earth Treatment Centre > Life in the Soil, March 7-9, 2017

Panel discussion on urban soils
Panel discussion on urban soils

Left to right: Dr. Jeffery Howard (Detroit), Nicole Clouston (Toronto), Steve Green (Windsor)

Dr. Jeffery Howard has been a professor in the Department of Geology at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan since 1987. Research interests include provenance analysis of conglomerates, paleoseismology of southern California, and genesis, morphology and classification of anthropogenic soils.

Nicole Clouston is a practice-based researcher currently completing her PhD in Visual Art at York University. In her practice she asks: What happens when we acknowledge, through an embodied experience, our connection to a world teeming with life both around and inside us?

Steve Green is an avid gardener, grower, producer of food in the urban environment. He is currently engaged in launching an urban agriculture social enterprise in the City of Windsor. He teaches in the Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of Windsor.